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Greenbush Announces Distribution of Cellarman’s Half-Dozen
Brewery takes on 16% more work to get customers 16% more beer 

April 1, 2014—Sawyer, Michigan’s Greenbush Brewing Company is hoping to help customers "make tonight last ‘til tomorrow” with the advent of its Cellarman’s Half-Dozen, the industry’s first seven-pack of bottled beer.

"You have the big guys out there who take their 24-packs and turn them into 30-packs, and we thought, why can’t you take a six-pack and turn it into a seven-pack?” said Greenbush Owner/Brewmaster Scott Sullivan. "It’s not like we’re reinventing the wheel; we’re adding an extra spoke.”

To help meet inevitably high demand, the brewery recently installed a seven-head powered bottle filling line with a custom duct taping mechanism (patent pending). Greenbush will be applying the new format to its currently distributed six-pack brands Closure, Dunegräs, Distorter and Anger immediately, plus Sunspot when it’s released to market on April 15.

"When Greenbush first pitched the idea of seven being more than six, we had to think about it for a while. But it made perfect sense. Seven is clearly one more than six,” said local liquor store manager Rick Cooper.

With the new package format entering distribution on the 91st day of the year, Greenbush has decided to only raise the price to retail 91 cents higher than their lowest-priced six-packs, bringing most available brands to 10.91 plus tax if applicable.

Greenbush began bottled beer distribution last February and has since been producing as much beer as possible on its 15-barrel brewhouse. The imminent monetary success of the seven-packs will be the largest driver of the brewery’s future expansion plans, likely to include dozens of food trucks, carnival rides and a high-speed, pneumatic keg transportation system.

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