Guaranteed Fresh Produce

What to expect

First-time visitors to Country Acres Market are usually overwhelmed by our Produce Department: Tables of colorful fruits and vegetables, carefully hand-stacked; several varieties of everyday items, and a wide array of seasonal, exotic and specialty products. 

Our Produce Looks Better Because it is Better

Our team of buyers are extremely selective and have strict guidelines about what they purchase. Only searching for the very best products and sometimes turning away shipments that do not meet our standards. Our Produce team leaders are highly skilled at handling and displaying; they treat each piece of produce with respect, ensuring customer appreciation and peak freshness.

We are also a major outlet for produce from small, family-run local and regional farms. We frequently visit their farms so we can check on the crops and build solid relationships with the growers.

  "We will bring to your neighborhood fresh, nutritious whole produce, to influence the family to cook healthier and live longer. From the farm to your table, eating whole fresh produce is a way of life."